How to Live and Love Your Brand

Female business owners are not sharing their story
and it’s hurting their business

Do you find it difficult to speak about yourself and share with your audience?

Does the idea of promoting yourself, or even the word promote, make you want to cringe?

Do you want more opportunities but you’re not sure how to make the right connections?

Are you ready to make a change and get clear on who you are and how to communicate it?

Then, it’s time to share your unique personal brand with the world!
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So often I find that female business owners struggle to put themselves forward and show up as themselves. The thought of speaking about their personal achievements, their personal lives in general, is overwhelming. They understand that they need to show their face more and have an online presence, but they don’t know how or where to start. 


Often the focus is so much on the business brand and the women who run these incredible businesses fall into the background. The trouble is, people want to work with people! And it’s those personal connections that will drive both you personally, and the business, forward.


With all the roles and titles that you’ve acquired over the years, you may be feeling lost and disconnected from who you really are. It can feel difficult to know what to share or even how to speak about yourself when there are so many layers built up over the years. It may even feel like “who would want to hear from me anyway?".

It's Your Time

 You have skills, experiences, achievements, values and qualities that have to be shared with the world. If you don’t talk about your story, who will? 


Your personal story is how you connect with others. When people know us, they trust us and they want to be around us. In work, and in life, it is the connections with other people that drive us forward. By not sharing your personal story, by hiding pieces of who you are, you are blocking opportunities to grow your business.


I’ll let you in on a secret - you actually already have a brand. Everyone does! But you’re not currently in control of it. You’re allowing everyone else to tell the story for you and they’re not getting to see the whole beautiful picture that is YOU! 

Be You and Only You

 Your personal brand is about how you show up in work and life. It’s how others see you and most importantly, it’s about how you see yourself. Understanding who you are, how to communicate your message and how to consistently show up is the practice of living and loving your brand. 


If you’re not telling your story, you’re letting others tell it for you. You have no control over the direction of your life or your business. But you can take charge! You can own your story and you can have an even greater impact by bringing more of who you are into your messaging. 


Not only will others love hearing your story, but you will build confidence in the person that you are. Getting to know yourself again, the person you truly are, will help you to build genuine connections for more meaningful relationships in your business and in your life.

Start Showing Up

Why am I sharing this with you?


Because I love seeing women stand in their power and truly own who they are! I love supporting my clients to build confidence and to share their personal brand with the world. I love seeing the impact it has on their business and how much they grow personally!


Like Lesley …

Emma is like a personal trainer for your brand! She has this amazing ability to challenge you in the most positive way. Before you know it, you have completed her program and you’ve got the clarity and confidence you need to own your personal brand.

Working with Lovelly Communications was the best decision I ever made. I knew my personal brand & key messaging needed an overhaul. Emma was easily able to take all my incomplete and confused material and turn it into clear concise communications.

 Lovelly by name, Lovelly by nature. Never has a personal brand been more accurate and clear. Emma Lovell walks the talk and that’s why I chose to work with Lovelly Communications. She will do exactly the same for your brand, and make you feel like you came up with it!

- Lesley Chambers - Creative Voice Casting Expert

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So who am I?

Hi I’m Emma,

Lovelly by name, Lovely by nature. I truly live and love my brand and I want to help you to do the same!

I understand that in this ever digitalised world it can be easy to get lost in the do do do. To compare. To feel that you have to do all the things and be all the things. We are so often reducing ourselves to roles and titles, trying to fit ourselves into so many little boxes.

Well guess what? You don’t have to!

You don’t need to fit into ONE box or ONE category. It’s the combination of skills, experiences, personality and values that make YOU who you are. That is your uniqueness. Only you have walked your path. Only you can tell your story. And it is time for you to share that with the world.

I’m passionate about helping people to reconnect with who they really are and share their authentic self. I believe that when you gain more clarity, you can build your confidence and have greater connections in work and life.

So I’ve created the How to Live and Love Your Brand 8 Week Online Course that enables you to:

Gain clarity about how you’re coming across in the market and understand how to present your brand

Build confidence and feel reconnected to who you are

Learn how to share your message consistently

Understand your target market and how to speak directly to them

Write a core set of messages to help you communicate your brand effectiely

Build a clear strategy for where to share your messages and when

Increase your connections with people who align with your values and your vision, by being clear about who you are - you can attract what you want in work and life

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As well as a bunch of bonuses, including a supportive community of like minded people cheering you along!


Hear what others have to say!

We are all experts in our own fields, though sometimes we need to draw upon others to help us see this.

After this program with Emma I am feeling refreshed and excited. I learnt that what I do, is seen as a great service.

Emma's course built up my self confidence and made me look within to understand the type of audience that I want to attract.

The program tasks were an insightful fun way to get to know myself.

Emma's approach and discussions about what she was looking for during each task helped me find answers to get to a great outcome.

If you're looking to refresh your social media with increased traffic and new clients, this is a good program. The benefits that I gained were twofold for me both in business and personal life.

The number one thing I got from this was I learnt about myself.

- Lisa Crawford - Mortgage Specialist

It’s time for you to own your story. It’s time for you to share your unique personal brand with the world.


It’s time to LIVE and LOVE your brand!

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